Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Lisa Abrams

Well, I would have never guessed from your pic, you are beautiful. I believe that there is no "getting over" things. You take what life has given you and you learn from it. I spent years thinking that I had "gotten over" the abuse I suffered at my stepfat...her's hands. Then I realized that my children's father was abusing them in much the same ... See More way, psychologically and physically. I panicked and attempted to reach out to the people in charge to save them from what I went through. It didn't do any good. Yet, I have now stepped back and realized that we have to fight this on a national level b/c family courts and local govt's do not want the responsibility for these decisions. If I had "gotten over it." I would not now be the advocate that I am. Never get over it - use it to make yourself stronger.

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