Sunday, December 13, 2009



Yesterday evening my two children and I had a very serious conversation in regards to Domestic Violence that, I sustained from there father. They wanted to know why am I speaking out so strongly now after all these years in silence about the horrible abuse that I suffered by the hands of there Dad?

The love that I have for my family is so overwhelming but I want them to realize that, the love that I have for myself is why I am able to speak out and why I determined to move forward for my justice. No matter how much I begged and pleaded for it to stop, it did not matter because in the end I am the one that is left with the marks of the past of abuse.

We can not judge, blame, guilt or make them feel shame to any victim or survivor of domestic violence.

It has been more then 20 years since Domestic Violence has entered into my life. My silence has caused me my vision. My silence almost destroyed me!

My father has been gone from my life for more then two years now and a day does not go by that I do not think of my papi and mami.

The day before my father died, he looked at me and said, “Continue to the fight, don’t give up”.

I made my peace with my ex husband and I am a stronger and determined woman then ever because I made my peace.

Forgiveness became very difficult for me because, each day that I waken I am reminded of the years of abuse that I endure.

I often think of women, children and men who are physically sacred from the abuse they suffered.

How many are left burns marks, stabs marks, lost of vision, limbs removed and so on. Each day they are reminded of plague that continues to inflict on many lives.

I have acknowledge all the wrong I did in my marriage to my children and to anyone that wants to know the truth but….I know that I will never receive the acknowledgement for the abuse that I have suffered by my ex husband hand and the Pa State Trooper.

May god bless all victims and survivors of Domestic Violence!

Thank you for your time and compassion.

Much love and respect,

Rosa Torres-Sadler

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