Sunday, December 13, 2009


Heidi Sullivan
We all love you Rosa & together we will all stand strong & fight to rid the world of bullies & abusers.To speak out is the only way. Cowards hate being exposed & it is a coward that abuses women & children. Darrell, you are wonderful because you are a man who can stand proud & know that you have a heart of gold. We need more men like you in the world who speak out against violence. XXX
Heidi Sullivan wrote this for me - A lot of us are survivors of abuse & I too realised the best way to stop abuse is to not be silent but to speak out & tell everyone. Don't feel ashamed because the person you are with has decided to abuse you behind closed doors. Silence will only allow the abuse to continue. These pe...rpetrators of domestic violence need to be exposed & publicly ... See Moreshamed into changing their ways. We must be silent no longer. There should be a central registry in every country where women can look up someone's name & see whether there is a history of domestic violence before getting involved with someone. Similar to the paedophile registry. These people need to be made submissive - just like they've tried to make their victims

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